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Real name: Holly Beth Weber. Biography of Holly Weber & facts: Holly Weber was raised in the.


Holly Beth Weber aka Holly biography

Name: Holly
Surname: Weber
Holly Weber birth name: Holly Beth Weber
Holly Weber birthday: 1984-09-20
Nickname: Hollister
Holly Weber home town: Loma Linda, CA.
Holly Weber assets: She has it all. The type of woman you dreamed of since you were young.Hot Hot Hot.
Holly Weber vices:
Holly Weber height: 171 cm
Holly Weber job: Model/Actress.
Holly Weber hobbiesRunning, Gardening, Dancing.
Holly Weber ethnicityWhite
Holly Weber breast size34
Holly Weber waist size23
Holly Weber hips size34
Holly Weber mottoIn person, she looks as good or better than her photos - Heidi Cortez
Real biography:

Holly Weber was raised in the California desert with her two older siblings, a brother and sister. Her parents divorced when she was 5 years old and she lived with her mother in Costa Rica briefly, then was moved multiple times until her senior year in High School. Attending 4 different High Schools in as many years, she finished her schooling after relocating to Newport Beach, California from Kentucky after living less than a year in that state.

Holly's undergraduate education was funded by her GoGo Dancing at popular venues in Hollywood and Las Vegas. During this period she had braces applied to straighten her teeth and she began pursuing a degree in Orthodontics. Upon removal of the devices, her modeling career began and quickly flourished as she graced the covers and pages of over 25 different calendars, was featured in magazines such as Glamour, Muscle and Fitness and FHM.

Since then she has had many guest star appearances on several popular television shows and movies (not suprisingly for the role of the really, really, really hot girl). It was at that point she was bitten by the acting bug and began studying the thespian arts in lieu of post graduate dental studies.

She can be seen in several feature films set to be released this year, the Ron Howard Directed Frost/Nixon starring Kevin Bacon and Jenn Gotzon, Ben Stiller Directed Tropic Thunder starring Ben Stiller and Valerie Azlynn and Don't mess with the Zohan starring Adam Sandler.

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