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Real name: Holly Joy Sampson. Biography of Holly Sampson & facts: Image: thumb]] Born in Phoenix.


Holly Joy Sampson aka Holly biography

Holly Sampson birth name:Holly Joy Sampson
Holly Sampson birthday1973-09-04
NicknameNicolette Foster,Nicolete,Nicolette,Zoe
Holly Sampson home townPrescott.
Holly Sampson assetsslender and graceful (ex-ballet dancer).
Holly Sampson vices
Holly Sampson height cm
Holly Sampson jobactress, model.
Holly Sampson hobbies
Holly Sampson ethnicityWhite
Holly Sampson breast size34
Holly Sampson waist size25
Holly Sampson hips size34
Holly Sampson motto
Real biography: [[Image: thumb]]

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Holly lived there for 13 years and then moved to Los Angeles with her mother.She was a scholarship student at the Phoenix School of Ballet, but once she moved to LA, stopped dancing and started acting. She studied at the Young Actors' Space, where her fellow students included such other would-be stars as Elizabeth Berkley and Chad Allen (co-star of Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman).

In 1998, she walked into the wrong audition. "The woman sitting behind the desk said, `You're in the wrong place, but you're really cute. Let me put you in my movie.'" That's how she came to appear in Gia, a TV- movie written by Jay McInerney in which Angelina Jolie starred as Gia Carangi, the Seventies supermodel. She also pops up briefly as a dancer/stripper in Mike Figgis's Leaving Las Vegas. "I knew Mike Figgis had worked with Vivienne Westwood and portrayed women in a very beautiful way," she says.

Holly Sampson is probably most known for having played the lead character in the "Emmanuelle 2000 series"

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