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Real name: Heather Joan Graham. Biography of Heather Graham & facts: Heather Graham grew up the.


Heather Joan Graham aka Heather biography

Heather Graham birth name:Heather Joan Graham
Heather Graham birthday1970-01-29
Heather Graham home townMilwaukee, Wisconsin.
Heather Graham assetsGreat body, blonde hair.
Heather Graham vicesPudding
Heather Graham height171 cm
Heather Graham jobActress.
Heather Graham hobbiesyoga, and, cooking.
Heather Graham ethnicityWhite
Heather Graham breast size34
Heather Graham waist size25
Heather Graham hips size36
Heather Graham mottoI'm a nice catholic girl, just like Madonna
Real biography: Heather Graham grew up the daughter of a catholic FBI agent and his author wife. It was a very religious household. The family moved around a lot and eventually settled in Agoura Hills, California. She caught the theater bug in school and never turned back.

Life Story

Even though Heather's parents didn't really agree with her career choice, her mother drove her to auditions and in her mid teens she landed a few commercials and a small, two episode appearance on the television show Growing Pains. She was even offered the lead role in Heathers, but was forced to turn it down because her parents didn't approve of the script's language. In 1988 though, Heather was cast in License to Drive (1988). This performance won her a nomination for best young actress at the Young Artist Awards. After the success of License to Drive, Heather moved away from home. She rebelled against her parents and Catholicism, claiming that the catholic church was “made up of close-minded men who believe a woman's sexuality is evil.” Heather soon became estranged from her parents. She later picked Hinduism her chosen faith.At 18, Graham was cast as Nadine in Gus Van Sant's film, Drugstore Cowboy (1989), which later landed her an Independent Spirit Award nomination. Despite the raves of her performance, it took eight years for Heather to land another role. She eventually landed a small part on the cult classic TV series Twin Peaks, where she became involved romantically off-screen with on-screen boyfriend Kyle McLachlan. A few years later, Jon Favreau cast her in his film Swingers (1996), after taking her swing dancing. She had a few more small parts in films and then came the role of porn star, Rollergirl, in Boogie Nights (1997). It's near impossible to think of that movie without Heather Graham. She also showed her silly side playing Felicity Shagwell in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999).Graham also guest starred on nine episodes of the TV show Scrubs (Sarah Chalke, Tara Reid, Amy Smart). She even had her own sitcom in 2006, Emily's Reasons Why Not, but it was canceled soon after the pilot aired.Back to the big screen, Heather starred in Gray Matters (2006), a film in which she both made out and took a bubble bath with Bridget Moynahan. That same year she had another lesbian kiss in Broken (2006), this time with the fabulous Jessica Stroup. Do you sense a theme here? Her 2008 movies include Seymour's Last Rule (2008), Miss Conception (2008), Baby on Board (2008), and Ex-Terminators (2008).

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