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Real name: Grechen Egolf. Biography of Gretchen Egolf & facts: Gretchen Egolf started acting at a.


Grechen Egolf aka Gretchen biography

Name: Gretchen
Surname: Egolf
Gretchen Egolf birth name: Grechen Egolf
Gretchen Egolf birthday: 1973-12-17
Gretchen Egolf home town: Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Gretchen Egolf assets:
Gretchen Egolf vices: Last name sounds like a hiccup.
Gretchen Egolf height: 176 cm
Gretchen Egolf job: Actress.
Gretchen Egolf hobbies
Gretchen Egolf ethnicityWhite
Gretchen Egolf breast size30
Gretchen Egolf waist size23
Gretchen Egolf hips size33
Gretchen Egolf mottoHoney, I love that you went to a wife swapping party.
Real biography: Gretchen Egolf started acting at a very young age, mainly like a brat when she did not get her way, but then using that talent while participating in theater performances.

Life Story

She attended the Juilliard School for drama in New York after graduating high school. She then appeared in numerous Broadway, off-Broadway and West End theater productions before she starred in television series such as Martial Law where she became a series regular. She also played the recurring character of Vanessa Whitaker in the series Roswell and then graced the film screen in the CBS television movie Gleason, playing the role of Jackie's wife. Egolf's guest appearances on television shows include those in Law and Order, Without a Trace, Century City, Nero Wolfe, Cosby, The Naked Brothers Band and Cracker. She also appeared as a regular on such series Leap of Faith, The Corsairs and the new Journeyman.

Katie Vasser is played by Gretchen Egolf on the new NBC series, Journeyman. Katie is the wife of Dan Vasser, a man who has everything going well for him until he is given the chance to time travel—something that makes him affect other people's lives in a positive and negative way. To make things worse, in one of his time travels, Dan rediscovers his ex-fiancé Livia Beale, who had died many years ago in a mysterious plane crash. How will this affect Dan and Katie's relationship? Journeyman follows the adventures of one man as he gets between his past and current love, and how he deals with traveling through time and effecting change in people's lives.

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