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Real name: Gina L. Gershon. Biography of Gina Gershon & facts: IntroductionGina Gershon is a.


Gina L. Gershon aka Gina biography

Gina Gershon birth name:Gina L. Gershon
Gina Gershon birthday1962-06-10
Gina Gershon home townLos Angeles, CA.
Gina Gershon assetsHer lips... Just look at her lips..
Gina Gershon vicesSmoking cigars
Gina Gershon height166 cm
Gina Gershon jobActress.
Gina Gershon hobbiesTheater, chilling, in, a, Jacuzzi, full, of, noodles, (you, read, that, right), recording, music, and, being, just, TOO, damn, beautiful..
Gina Gershon ethnicity
Gina Gershon breast size30
Gina Gershon waist size23
Gina Gershon hips size33
Gina Gershon mottoDrag queens love me
Real biography: Introduction

Gina Gershon is a luscious American actress who has starred in films such as Face/Off (1997), Showgirls (1995), and Cocktail (1998). Gina’s distinguishing physical features are her full sexy lips that she loves to snarl on screen.

Life Story

Before Gina melted the hearts of male adolescence worldwide, she was the bad girl of the neighborhood. She grew up in the San Fernado Valley but her parents decided to move her to Beverly Hills because she was getting into trouble. But Gina wouldn’t linger long in the Hills as she decided to move to Boston to pursue her passion for acting. Eventually that passion for acting would land her in one of the worst sexy movies of our time: Showgirls. (You know, that movie with the Save By the Bell chick, Elizabeth Berkeley, that you watch when your girlfriend is away) That film hurt everyone’s career, except for Gina whose over-the-top and frequently nude performance made her a cult favorite. After Showgirls, Gina starred in Bound, with Jennifer Tilly, a movie about lesbians who steal money from the mob. After the movie was released there were rumors that Gina herself was a lesbian, these rumors were started mainly because it would be so hot if it were true.These days Gina’s career has switched from film to music. Her album will be released soon, so we will be able to see what can come out of those lips of hers. She has also, lately, co-written the book Camp Creepytime with her brother Dann Gershon.

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