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Real name: Florence Jalin Wu. Biography of Flo Jalin & facts: If you want to know what Flo Jalin.


Florence Jalin Wu aka Flo biography

Flo Jalin birth name:Florence Jalin Wu
Flo Jalin birthday1977-11-08
Flo Jalin home townHonolulu, Hawaii.
Flo Jalin assetsphotogenic.
Flo Jalin vicesplastering her myspace page with pictures of herself
Flo Jalin height168 cm
Flo Jalin jobHot Chick, model.
Flo Jalin hobbiesdancing.
Flo Jalin ethnicityAsian
Flo Jalin breast size34
Flo Jalin waist size24
Flo Jalin hips size34
Flo Jalin mottoI've been doing some go-go dancing at night—it keeps me all hot and sweaty!
Real biography: If you want to know what Flo Jalin does for a living you’re not alone. Basically she gets paid to be a hot chick, which is similar to, but slightly different than being a model because technically to be a model you have to model something, like a sweater or socks.

Life Story

Raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, she now lives in Los Angeles because that is where hot chicks go when they want be famous. She began modeling in 1998 after a friend talked her into modeling for a calendar. She has done many calendars since then. You may remember her from years such as 1999, 2002, or for 2004, which of course was a leap year.In addition to her work in calendars, she has won numerous swimsuit competitions including but not limited to Miss Hawaiian Tropics Maui 1999, Miss Hawaii Tropics Honolulu 2000, and Miss Hawaiian Tropics Taiwan 2000.But wait, there is more. Flo also makes appearances at local glamour shows can be found working it as a hip-hop go-go dancer at all the coolest clubs in LA.

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