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Real name: Fernanda Tavares. Biography of Fernanda Tavares & facts: Introduction This is more proof.


Fernanda Tavares aka Fernanda biography

Fernanda Tavares birth name:Fernanda Tavares
Fernanda Tavares birthday1980-09-22
Fernanda Tavares home townNatal, Rio Grande do Norte.
Fernanda Tavares assetsWhole package.
Fernanda Tavares vicesteetotaler
Fernanda Tavares height178 cm
Fernanda Tavares jobSupermodel.
Fernanda Tavares hobbiesAnimal, rights, jogging.
Fernanda Tavares ethnicityWhite
Fernanda Tavares breast size30
Fernanda Tavares waist size23
Fernanda Tavares hips size33
Fernanda Tavares mottoComo quente!
Real biography: Introduction

This is more proof that countries like Brazil and India, who were once quaint little colonial outposts, are going to own the planet in about ten years. But whatever, if our masters look anything like Fernanda Tavares, then let the invasion begin.

Life Story

Fernanda Tavares' appeal is that she encompasses what a model should look like. She has perfect teeth, perfect olive skin and perfect curves. She is tall, beautiful and glamorous. And she’s been that way since the age of 9.

At the age of 13 she won the title of “Elite look of the year” in Brazil. She soon after made the move to Europe, and by 17 was gracing the covers of some serious magazine. She’s done everything that a Supermodel has to do to earn her stripes, yet somehow avoided the slip into that coke-addled anorexic state so commonly associated with high fashion. One of her most famous jobs was as a part of the highly-publicized Victoria's Secret show in 2000 at Cannes. It’s hard to believe that she was born in 1980.


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