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Real name: Audrey Faith Perry. Biography of Faith Hill & facts: IntroductionOne doesn’t have to.


Audrey Faith Perry aka Faith biography

Faith Hill birth name:Audrey Faith Perry
Faith Hill birthday1967-09-21
NicknameLady F
Faith Hill home townRidgeland, Mississippi.
Faith Hill assetsGreat Smile, long legs.
Faith Hill vicesBeing too pretty
Faith Hill height176 cm
Faith Hill jobSinger, Actress.
Faith Hill hobbiesHome, decoration.
Faith Hill ethnicityWhite
Faith Hill breast size30
Faith Hill waist size24
Faith Hill hips size34
Faith Hill mottoI'm a home girl. I like to stay home.
Real biography: Introduction

One doesn’t have to like country music to love superstar singer Faith Hill. One only has to be heterosexual male or a gay dude with a keen eye for female beauty.

Life Story

Adopted by a very religious Christian couple, Faith had a proper upbringing. She began to sing in church and, as a teenager, formed a band that played at local rodeos. Her performances were surely the highlight of the night for both the cowboys and rodeo clowns. While singing back-up at a local music club, a Warner Bros music executive noticed and quickly signed her. Her music career really took over almost immediately as her debut record “Take Me As I Am” sold a few million copies. It became readily apparent that Dolly Parton wasn’t the only blonde in country music worth paying attention to. She crossed-over to the mainstream pop world with her 1999 album “Breathe”. Many will remember her video for the song “Breathe” as it featured her walking around the desert wearing nothing more than a white sheet. It gave men everywhere a new appreciation for contemporary country music.Faith also decided that acting is another profession worthy of her domination. She had a supporting role in the remake of the Stepford Wives (Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close). She also made tabloid headlines after she chewed out some woman for touching her husband Tim McGraw’s junk during a concert. The NFL also hired her to record the theme song for Sunday Night Football which further cemented her status as the greatest woman of all time.

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