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Real name: Ewa Sonnet. Biography of Ewa Sonnet & facts: After high school, Sonnet was discovered by.


Ewa Sonnet aka Ewa biography

Ewa Sonnet birth name:Ewa Sonnet
Ewa Sonnet birthday1985-03-08
Ewa Sonnet home townRybnik, Poland.
Ewa Sonnet assetsExceedingly large natural breasts.
Ewa Sonnet vices
Ewa Sonnet height163 cm
Ewa Sonnet jobPolish model and pop singer.
Ewa Sonnet hobbies
Ewa Sonnet ethnicityWhite
Ewa Sonnet breast size40
Ewa Sonnet waist size24
Ewa Sonnet hips size34
Ewa Sonnet motto
Real biography: After high school, Sonnet was discovered by a person in the entertainment industry. Sonnet agreed to become a model. In late 2003, Sonnet began to model for the popular Polish web site busty.pl, a website known in Europe and the United States. Sonnet posed for pictorials and videos for the site, in which she stripped topless and, rarely, naked. Sonnet was mostly known for her exceedingly large natural breasts (36EE), slim body, and facial beauty.

In November 2005, Sonnet posed topless for the Polish CKM Magazine. It was Sonnet's first magazine pictorial. In the interview with CKM, Sonnet said that her breasts are all-natural. On December 11, 2005, Sonnet made her first television appearance on The Kuba Wojewódzki Show on the Polsat channel in Poland. Wojewódzki asked Sonnet when her breasts started to grow fast; Sonnet said that it started in the 4th grade. Sonnet made that appearance on television to promote her new album Nielegalna.

In January 2006, Ewa began performing concerts throughout Poland. In October 2006, Ewa released her first album, Nielegalna ("Illegal"). Since launching her music career, Ewa has received wider recognition and has featured in magazines, on television, and in an interview for University of San Francisco radio station KUSF in March 2006.

In September 2007, Sonnet took part in the Polish television show Gwiazdy Tańczą na Lodzie with skating partner Łukasz Jóźwiak. Unfortunately she was eliminated from the show after only two weeks, losing the skate-off to Przemysław Babiarz and Michaela Krutska.

She posed again in the November 2006 and 2007 issues of CKM Magazine.

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