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Real name: Nicole Evangeline Lilly. Biography of Evangeline Lilly & facts: IntroductionEvangeline.


Nicole Evangeline Lilly aka Evangeline biography

Evangeline Lilly birth name:Nicole Evangeline Lilly
Evangeline Lilly birthday1979-08-03
Evangeline Lilly home townFort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada.
Evangeline Lilly assetsKiller body that’s great at climbing trees.
Evangeline Lilly vicesDoesn’t enjoy being nude
Evangeline Lilly height166 cm
Evangeline Lilly jobActress.
Evangeline Lilly hobbiesIce, skating, canoeing, kayaking, snowboarding, and, rock, climbing.
Evangeline Lilly ethnicity
Evangeline Lilly breast size32
Evangeline Lilly waist size23
Evangeline Lilly hips size35
Evangeline Lilly mottoI'm very picky when it comes to men.
Real biography: Introduction

Evangeline Lilly is a Canadian actress who rose to fame thanks to her role as Kate Austen in the ABC’s hit drama Lost (also starring Emilie de Ravin, Yunjin Kim, Maggie Grace, and Michelle Rodriguez).

Life Story

When Evangeline was a little kid she did not dream about getting into the showbiz life. She was a good Christian Canuck who set her sites on making the world a better place. She served briefly as a foreign minister and lived in a grass hut in the Philippines when she was eighteen. But her humanitarian work was not paying her college tuition, so when a talent agent approached her to do some modeling work she reluctantly accepted. Her modeling work led to small parts in forgettable movies like Freddy Vs. Jason (2003) starring Lori Campbell and Kelly Rowland, and TV shows like Smallville (2001) starring Kristin Kreuk. She also appeared in The Lizzie McGuire movie with Hilary Duff. Evangeline got her big break when she was cast in the hit TV show Lost (2004). Since then she has become one of many Canadians to be embraced by the American public. And for good reason, not only does she have a killer body but she is also a sweet good natured girl. Evangeline will star in the upcoming film Afterwards in 2008.

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