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Real name: Iga Wyrwal. Biography of Eva Wyrwal & facts: Eva Wyrwal currently Resides in the UK in a.


Iga Wyrwal aka Eva biography

Name: Eva
Surname: Wyrwal
Eva Wyrwal birth name: Iga Wyrwal
Eva Wyrwal birthday: 1989-02-15
Nickname: Eva,Eve,or Iga A
Eva Wyrwal home town: Kalisz, Poland.
Eva Wyrwal assets: Gorgeous Body, Beautiful Face, Various Sexy Hair Colors.
Eva Wyrwal vices:
Eva Wyrwal height: 163 cm
Eva Wyrwal job: Model.
Eva Wyrwal hobbies
Eva Wyrwal ethnicityWhite
Eva Wyrwal breast size36
Eva Wyrwal waist size25
Eva Wyrwal hips size37
Eva Wyrwal motto
Real biography:

Eva Wyrwal currently Resides in the UK in a town called Rugby just north of London, although the stunningly beautiful model was originally born in Poland in the town of Kalisz.

Eva at the ripe age of just 19 has already hit the modelling scene hard and made herself noticed, doing shoots for UK Playboy, Busty Brits and The Daily Star, although she seems to have done most of and probably her best shoots for the popular online erotic magazine met-art, sometimes using the name Iga A.

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