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Real name: Eva Herzigova. Biography of Eva Herzigova & facts: Eva Herzigova is arguably the most.


Eva Herzigova aka Eva biography

Eva Herzigova birth name:Eva Herzigova
Eva Herzigova birthday1973-03-10
NicknameMarilyn of the 1990s
Eva Herzigova home townLitvinov, Czech Republic.
Eva Herzigova assetsPerfect hour glass figure.
Eva Herzigova vicesDates cheesy guys
Eva Herzigova height178 cm
Eva Herzigova jobSupermodel.
Eva Herzigova hobbiesPottery.
Eva Herzigova ethnicityWhite
Eva Herzigova breast size36
Eva Herzigova waist size24
Eva Herzigova hips size33
Eva Herzigova mottoEver since I was a little girl, I dreamed of acting
Real biography: Eva Herzigova is arguably the most prolific super model of the 1990s. Featured in ads for Wonderbra, Guess Jeans and a regular member of the Victoria’s Secret Catalog, she has warmed the hearts of men who have never purchased products from any of those companies.

Life Story

Herzigova was born in Litvinov, Czech Republic and began her modeling career after being discovered on a day trip to Germany with her family. Quickly advertisers around the world realized the magnitude of her hotness and she was quickly scooped and put into underwear and unimaginably tight jeans, all over the world. Her combination of a tall frame yet curvaceous body took her to the top of the modeling world and led her to a few roles in feature films.

Unfortunately, much what goes hot, must get old, and her appearances in magazines and advertisements began to dry up. This led to the inevitable result that befalls any gorgeous model who questions whether or not she still has it; in 2004 she posed nude for Playboy. As usual, this move did not result in the death’s of the younger models who were taking all the jobs, and she left the business almost entirely.

On June 1st, 2007, Herzigova and her boyfriend Gregorio Marsiaj had a healthy baby boy they named George Marsiaj Herzig. Today she still aspires to be a working actress, and recently won the role of herself, in the Czech movie “Eva.”

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