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Real name: Emmanuelle Béhart-Hasson. Biography of Emmanuelle Beart & facts: IntroductionEmmanuelle.


Emmanuelle Béhart-Hasson aka Emmanuelle biography

Emmanuelle Beart birth name:Emmanuelle Béhart-Hasson
Emmanuelle Beart birthday1963-08-14
Emmanuelle Beart home townParis, France.
Emmanuelle Beart assetsCurves, lips, and willingness to appear nude..
Emmanuelle Beart vicesCo-starring in a movie with Tom Cruise.
Emmanuelle Beart height163 cm
Emmanuelle Beart jobActress.
Emmanuelle Beart hobbiesSaving, the, world.
Emmanuelle Beart ethnicity
Emmanuelle Beart breast size30
Emmanuelle Beart waist size23
Emmanuelle Beart hips size33
Emmanuelle Beart mottoI am not putting my professional life on hold to raise children. I just put them in a backpack and bring them along with me
Real biography: Introduction

Emmanuelle Béart is best known to American viewers as the female lead in 1996’s Mission: Impossible. In France, she’s a popular and celebrated actress, having won the César award (the French equivalent of the Academy Award) for the film, Manon des Sources, and having been nominated on six other occasions. She also dedicates time to UNICEF, working as an ambassador. She graced the cover of the French version of Elle magazine nude, in 2003 at the age of 40, and it was the magazine’s biggest selling issue ever.

Life Story

Emmanuelle Béart was born in St. Tropez, France, and grew up on the mean streets of the French Riviera. Her father, Guy Béart, is a Lebanese-Egyptian singer songwriter, and her mother is actress Geneviève Galéa, of Italian-Greek heritage. Surprise, surprise, the daughter of this pairing decided to pursue a career in the arts.

In her teens, Emmanuelle moved to Montreal, Canada, and booked several parts on Canadian television. It was here that she met American director, Robert Altman, who encouraged her to pursue a career in acting. Fortunately, for her, her reputation wasn’t diminished by being cast in one of the jumbled narrative-type films he’s known for making, and she didn’t spend too long in the artistic quagmire that is Canadian television. Emmanuelle returned to her native France, and won the 1987 César award for her role in Manon des Sources.

Emmanuelle is well known to internet surfers for appearing fully nude in several films, including nearly the entire length of the film La Belle Noiseuse. She continues to act, pose nude, is the new model for H&M lingerie, and, on the occasions when she’s fully clothed, donates time to UNICEF. She has traveled to Vietnam several times in her roll as a UNICEF ambassador, and was forcibly removed from a Parisian church during an anti-immigration rally in 1996. Emmanuelle had a ten-year relationship with actor Daniel Auteuil, which produced one daughter. She also has a son with current boyfriend, David Moreau, the half-brother of French actor Patrick Bruel.

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