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Real name: Emma. Biography of Emma Starr & facts: Image:http:housewife1on1.littlemidgets.commrs.


Emma aka Emma biography

Emma Starr birth name:Emma
Emma Starr birthday1971-06-01
Emma Starr home townDallas.
Emma Starr assetsNice rack, milf qualities.
Emma Starr vicesnone
Emma Starr height173 cm
Emma Starr jobPorn Star.
Emma Starr hobbies
Emma Starr ethnicityWhite
Emma Starr breast size34
Emma Starr waist size24
Emma Starr hips size34
Emma Starr mottoIm So HOT
Real biography: Image:http:housewife1on1.littlemidgets.commrs starrmrs starr-002.jpg

Occupation: attorney, part time sex goddessHobbies: Gambling on horse races, getting gang-fucked at sex clubs, gettingnaked in front of strangers.Sexual experiences: Enjoy taking on 16 men at one time, wild orgies,drinking cum, taking two cocks in my pussy, and always looking for newexperiences...Fantasies: Drinking cum out of another womans pussy after she's been fuckedby many cocks, being fucked by two 19 year old guys, breaking the record ofthe most creampies taken, getting fucked non-stop for hours and hours andhours...

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