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Real name: Emily Mallory Procter. Biography of Emily Procter & facts: As Calleigh Duqesne on CSI.


Emily Mallory Procter aka Emily biography

Name: Emily
Surname: Procter
Emily Procter birth name: Emily Mallory Procter
Emily Procter birthday: 1968-10-08
Nickname: Emmalicious,Em,Emmy
Emily Procter home town: Raleigh, North Carolina.
Emily Procter assets: Petite figure, beautiful hair.
Emily Procter vices: Fronts an 80''s cover band,Poker
Emily Procter height: 161 cm
Emily Procter job: Actress.
Emily Procter hobbiesCollecting, insects, Modelling.
Emily Procter ethnicityWhite
Emily Procter breast size34
Emily Procter waist size24
Emily Procter hips size34
Emily Procter mottoIt's not a bad idea to be single, so I can concentrate on my job.
Real biography: As Calleigh Duqesne on CSI: Miami, Emily Procter redeems the casting directors of that show for ever casting David Caruso.

Life Story

Emily Procter was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. After graduating high school, Procter attended East Carolina University. While in collge, Procter was a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. [Insert pillow fight fantasy joke here]. Procter wanted to study theatre at ECU, but the program was full. So instead, she studied journalism. Upon graduating college, Procter went to work as a weather girl at a news station in Greenvill, North Carolina. She got bored with the weather scene and decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

So Procter moved to LA, and got her dad to pay for two years worth of acting classes. His investment paid off. Some of Procter's early roles were in the movie Leaving Las Vegas, and a guest spot on Friends. In 1996, Procter was the first blonde actress to portray Lana Lang, Superman's high school lover, on the show Lois and Clark. Guest work continued for Procter in 1997 when she appeared on an episode of Just Shoot Me. She also had a bit part in the 1997 movie Breast Men, which starred David Schwimmer. In 2000, Procter landed a recurring role on the hit show The West Wing, as Ainsley Hayes, a White House advisor. In 2002, Procter got her biggest role when she was cast on CSI: Miami. The show is a smash hit, despite its starring David Caruso.

Outside of acting, Procter fronts and 80's cover band called White Lighten. She is also an avid poker player, a game that her father taught her when she was young.

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