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Real name: Emily Gould. Biography of Emily Gould & facts: www.muslink.com == IntroductionEmily.


Emily Gould aka Emily biography

Emily Gould birth name:Emily Gould
Emily Gould birthday1981-10-13
NicknameEmma,Em,Gouldy van Gould (rumored),Stalker (Kimmel)
Emily Gould home townSilver Spring, MD.
Emily Gould assetsAbility to type quickly, wittily.
Emily Gould vicesIrresponsible Journalism,according to Jimmy Kimmel
Emily Gould height168 cm
Emily Gould jobblogger, editor.
Emily Gould hobbies
Emily Gould ethnicity
Emily Gould breast size30
Emily Gould waist size24
Emily Gould hips size34
Emily Gould mottoIt's not actually stalking!
Real biography: == www.muslink.com == Introduction

Emily Gould is the former co-editor of Gawker.com. She is most popularly known as "that irresponsible journalist" that Jimmy Kimmel interviewed (more below).

The Gospel of Gould

Emily grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland and attended Kenyon College for two years, before transferring to Eugene Lang College in New York City.

Gould resides in Brooklyn, New York. She began her blogging career as one-half of The Universal ReviewEmily Gould at Starpulse.comEmily Gould at Mahalo.com before starting her own blog, Emily Magazine. The site's header states "I have a blog so you don't have to." That's a bit presumptuous, don't you think, Emily? Granted, presumption is a key character flaw necessary to all serious bloggers.

She also began writing for Gawker on a freelance basis as the anonymous author of the Unsolicited column. Her work there eventually led to her replacing then co-editor [Jessica Coen], upon Coen's departure for Vanity Fair in September 2006.

But Gould's self-serving writing is not limited to the internet. No no. Gould, with Zareen Jaffery, is also the co-author of the young adult novel Hex Education, which was released by Penguin's Razorbill imprint in May 2007. The title is a clever pun, playing off of "Sex Education," a popular high school class in which people get to say funny things like "vas deferens" and "petting." But Gould's book is probably about witches, not vas deferenses.

The Infamous Interview on Larry King Live with Guest Host Jimmy Kimmel

Okay, so we've been talking about this the whole time and not paying it off. Here's the deal: Emily Gould appeared on an episode of Larry King Live hosted by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on April 6, 2007 during a panel discussion entitled Paparazzi: Do they go too far? During the interview, Kimmel accused Gould of "irresponsible journalism" resulting from Gould's popular blog.

Mostly what we got out of it was a laugh, seeing Kimmel and a bunch of forty-fifty-somethings rip into the then 25-year-old Gould, who laughed nervously at being accused of stalking. On May 4th, Emily wrote an article about the infamous interview for the "big people paper" called The New York Times.

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