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Real name: Elizabeth Spiers. Biography of Elizabeth Spiers & facts: IntroductionElizabeth Spiers is.


Elizabeth Spiers aka Elizabeth biography

Elizabeth Spiers birth name:Elizabeth Spiers
Elizabeth Spiers birthday1976-12-11
NicknameThe Wetumpka Wonder
Elizabeth Spiers home townWetumpka, Alabama.
Elizabeth Spiers assetsPunctuality.
Elizabeth Spiers vicesBeing too world weary for someone who never leaves her blogging lair.
Elizabeth Spiers height166 cm
Elizabeth Spiers jobBlogger, Entrepreneur.
Elizabeth Spiers hobbiesSitting, in, front, of, a, computer, writing, stuff.
Elizabeth Spiers ethnicity
Elizabeth Spiers breast size34
Elizabeth Spiers waist size30
Elizabeth Spiers hips size35
Elizabeth Spiers mottoFor all of it's faults, there's an apparent appeal to globalism.
Real biography: Introduction

Elizabeth Spiers is the Empress of Blogging. Bow to her (or at least put her work on your RSS aggregator). She is the founder of Dead Horse Media, which publishes Dealbreaker.com, a gossip site about Wall Street, AboveTheLaw, a gossip site about law, Fashionista, a gossip site about fashion and SuperMogul, a now defunct business management site.

According to Businessweek, "Spiers left the site abruptly April 19, 2007 citing differences with her partners over launching new properties." We're guessing it was because she wanted to launch a site like chickipedia, and was met with opposition. Well, rest easy, folks. Someone else took the reins.

Fun Facts about Spiers

After graduating from Duke University in 1999 with a degree in Public Policy (which was probably very pricey), Spiers headed to Wall Street, but then realized that Charlie Sheen was nowhere to be found and decided to blog about it.

Editorial Chiefery seems to be her forté, and most people know her as the Founding Editor of Gawker.com.

According to her website, "Spiers was previously the founding editor of Gawker.com, a weblog about "the darker Manhattan-centric themes: class warfare as recreational sport; pathological status obsession; and the complete, total, and wholly unapologetic embrace of decadence." Gawker was named to Entertainment Weekly's 2003 "IT list", one of Time magazine's "Top 50 Websites" for 2003, a "Best Media Blog" (2003) by Forbes, and a "Best of Breed" online news site by the New York New Media Association. Spiers was named "Best Gossip" by the Village Voice ("Best of New York") in 2003." Her 2003 streak of hitting critics' "Best of" Lists was only rivaled by Peter Jackson's The Return of the King film adaptation.

Before her bloggery started, she was a contributing writer and editor at New York magazine. She has written for the "New York Times", Salon.com and "The New York Post", among other publications, and has spoken at various media and technology conferences. She has also been a guest commentator on CNN, Fox News, CBS Marketwatch, MSNBC and VH1. This is proof that sitting in a darkened room and telling people more than they wanted to know about your opinions on the world can end in moderate fame and financial compensation. Granted, you have to have an opinion that appeals to other human beings.

Currently living in New York City, Spiers is also the author of the forthcoming novel, And They All Die in the End, to be published by Riverhead Books. This will be the first work she's performed in several years that involves the killing of trees.

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