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Real name: Dominique Ariane Swain. Biography of Dominique Swain & facts: Dominique Swain is an.


Dominique Ariane Swain aka Dominique biography

Dominique Swain birth name:Dominique Ariane Swain
Dominique Swain birthday1980-08-12
Dominique Swain home townMalibu, California.
Dominique Swain assetsGreat legs.
Dominique Swain vicesDrives slow in the fast lane
Dominique Swain height176 cm
Dominique Swain jobActress.
Dominique Swain hobbiesSaving, animals, hides.
Dominique Swain ethnicity
Dominique Swain breast size30
Dominique Swain waist size23
Dominique Swain hips size33
Dominique Swain mottoEverybody thinks people who promote PETA don't eat meat, but I think animals were made to be eaten.
Real biography: Dominique Swain is an American actress. She is best known as the lead role in the remake of Lolita in 1997.

Life Story

Dominique decided she wanted to act early in her childhood. In 1993 she was cast as the stunt double for the film The Good Son. In 1995 Dominique was chosen from 2,500 girls to star in Lolita. This role helped launch her career, After Lolita, Dominique starred as John Travolta’s daughter in the film Face/Off. (Remember when Nic Cage becomes John Travolta and he hits on her. She gets all awkward and he reaches his hand towards her and everybody in theater thought he was going to grope her, but instead he grabs his cigarettes. That was one bad motherfucker). She also starred in the Justin Timberlake vehicle Alpha Dog alongside hottie Amanda Seyfried.Lately Dominique has been focusing her attention on helping PETA. You know that organization that helps animals and hates humans. She recently guest starred in the Jennifer Love Hewitt show Ghost Whispers.

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