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Real name: Deanna Johnston. Biography of Deanna Johnston & facts: Official BiographyOne of the most.


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Deanna Johnston birth name:Deanna Johnston
Deanna Johnston birthday1969-03-19
Deanna Johnston home townKingston, Ontario.
Deanna Johnston assets
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Deanna Johnston height168 cm
Deanna Johnston jobSinger.
Deanna Johnston hobbies
Deanna Johnston ethnicityWhite
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One of the most rich and naturally appealing voices to emerge in some time. Soulful, emotional, electrifying and passionate. DEANNA JOHNSTON is undeniably one of the most memorable female artists you've heard in a while.

Deanna has fused a unique blend of Soulful Southern Country Rock that maximizes her engaging vocal style. Her songs are raw and edgy, dripped in the swamps of the South.

Born and raised on a farm in Canada, as the second of four kids, Deanna didn't truly discover her musical calling until early adulthood. She started singing as a means of gaining the affection of her boyfriend at the time. While the romance faded, she quickly discovered a talent she never knew existed and developed a passion for performing and song writing. Hours and hours on stage and in different towns across Canada and the United States, ultimately brought her to Nashville.

In 2005, Deanna was one of the 15 final contestants chosen out of thousands from 9 countries to participate on the hit TV show RockStar:INXS. Deanna was one of the top three final woman in the competition left standing. Appearing on International Prime time TV 3 times a week has created a large following and demand for her music. Deanna's powerful voice also inspired INXS to invite her to sing on their recent CD release 'Switch'. You can especially hear Deanna on the song 'Hot Girls'. Tune into NBC currently, every Tusday night to see Deanna on the new TV show Singing Bee.

Deanna is also a published song writer, with songs on Joe Lynn Turner's (Rainbow/Deep Purple) latest CD release, as well as Howard Leese's (Heart/Paul Rodgers) latest CD, and new country artist, Justine Stewart.

Deanna has shared the stage with several high profile artists including INXS, Chaka Khan and Kelly Clarkson to name a few, and even had the thrill of performing for Oprah Winfrey.

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