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Real name: Dara Torres. Biography of Dara Torres & facts: At age 41, Dara Torres returned to the.


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Dara Torres birth name:Dara Torres
Dara Torres birthday1967-04-15
Dara Torres home townLos Angeles, CA.
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Dara Torres height183 cm
Dara Torres jobOlympic Swimmer.
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At age 41, Dara Torres returned to the pool to obtain a spot in her fifth Olympic games, unprecedented for an American female swimmer. She won the 100 m freestyle in a time of 53.78 seconds. The American record in that event is 53.39 seconds. Her Olympic career now spans 24 years. On July 5th, she qualified for the finals on 50 m freestyle to be held on July 6th. In that semi-final she broke the American record with a time of 24.38 seconds. On July 6th in the finals she broke that record for the 9th time, setting it at 24.25 seconds and winning the top American women's spot in the 50 m freestyle. She will be going to Beijing for the Olympic games in August with Natalie Coughlin and Jessica Hardy.

Official Biography

Since her first international race at the age of 14, Dara Torres has proven that she is far from your average athlete. As a student at the University of Florida, she earned the maximum possible number of 28 NCAA All-American swimming awards. As the first US swimmer to compete in four Olympic Games, Dara set three World records and won nine Olympic medals, including four gold. In the Sydney Olympic Games alone, after a seven-year break from competitive swimming, Dara won gold in the 400m freestyle and 400m MR and bronze in the 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, and the 100m butterfly. After the 2000 Olympics, Dara retired again to start a family, but dove right back into swimming in the 2006 Masters Nationals where she broke a world record, just three weeks after her daughter’s birth. And in August 2007 Dara won another National title and broke her own 7 year old American Record in the 50 Freestyle.

Outside of swimming, Dara has made a name for herself as a TV commentator and a print model and was the first athlete to appear in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in 1994. She was a feature correspondent for Good Morning America, worked on-air for ESPN, TNT and Fox News Channel including stints on NHL Cool Shots and Fox Sports Sunday.

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