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Real name: Danna Maria Garcia Osuna. Biography of Danna Garcia & facts: Danna García is a Colombian.


Danna Maria Garcia Osuna aka Danna biography

Danna Garcia birth name:Danna Maria Garcia Osuna
Danna Garcia birthday1978-02-04
Danna Garcia home townBogota, Colombia.
Danna Garcia assetsSexy Spanish Accent.
Danna Garcia vices
Danna Garcia height155 cm
Danna Garcia jobActress, Model.
Danna Garcia hobbies
Danna Garcia ethnicityLatino
Danna Garcia breast size30
Danna Garcia waist size23
Danna Garcia hips size33
Danna Garcia mottoHola.
Real biography: Danna García is a Colombian actress, singer, and full fledged hotty.

Life Story

The daughter of Colombian singer Claudia Osuna, Danna began a showbiz career at the age of four because toys were just not doing it for her. She had a triple-platinum album, "Momposino" in a band she and her sister formed, Cafe Morena (Brown Coffee?). It just goes to show that in Columbia, coffee reigns supreme. Her acting career began when she appeared in her first major role in the Colombian telenovela "Café con aroma de mujer," leaving the world to wonder is anything in Columbia is not based around coffee. She became the first Colombian actress to star in a Mexican telenovela when she appeared as the protagonist in "Al norte del corazón." The production almost broke down when she refused to say any lines without the word Cafe or Coffee in them but, eventually they convinced her of the amazing dialogues of the Mexican telenovela. She is best-known for her leading roles in Pasión de gavilanes (2003) and La Revancha (2000). García will reportedly replace Sandra Echeverría in upcoming novela for Telemundo, La Traición, starring former pasión de gavilanes co-star, Mario Cimarro.

In 2006, Maybelline signed her as the company's newest Hispanic spokesmodel for its cosmetics advertisements in print and television.

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