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Real name: Danica Lyn Stewart. Biography of Danica Stewart & facts: IntroductionAlthough she is.


Danica Lyn Stewart aka Danica biography

Danica Stewart birth name:Danica Lyn Stewart
Danica Stewart birthday1983-08-02
Danica Stewart home townKennewick, Washington.
Danica Stewart assetsstrong jaw.
Danica Stewart vicesmugging for the camera
Danica Stewart height163 cm
Danica Stewart jobActress.
Danica Stewart hobbiesRollerblading, Skiing.
Danica Stewart ethnicity
Danica Stewart breast size30
Danica Stewart waist size23
Danica Stewart hips size33
Danica Stewart mottoI don't race cars
Real biography: Introduction

Although she is best known as the dark haired seductress from the soap opera "Passions", Danica Stewart is a natural blonde.

Life Story

Born in Kennewick, Washington, she moved to Hollywood the same week she turned 18. She was a cheerleader in high school and took acting lessons in nearby Seattle.


She was cast in the Aaron Spelling show "Home of the Brave" but it never saw the light of day, probably because it was unwatchable. She is best known for her work as 'Jessica Bennett' on "Passions". She is currently a cast member of the online soap opera "Coastal Dreams".

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