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Real name: Cori Ann Yarckin. Biography of Cori Yarckin & facts: Bursting onto the music scene with.


Cori Ann Yarckin aka Cori biography

Cori Yarckin birth name:Cori Ann Yarckin
Cori Yarckin birthday1982-08-15
NicknameThe Yark
Cori Yarckin home townOrlando, FL.
Cori Yarckin assetsVoice, Navel.
Cori Yarckin vices
Cori Yarckin height148 cm
Cori Yarckin jobSinger, Actress, Model.
Cori Yarckin hobbiesSpinning.
Cori Yarckin ethnicity
Cori Yarckin breast size30
Cori Yarckin waist size23
Cori Yarckin hips size33
Cori Yarckin mottoReal songs, real music, a real girl. That's what I have to offer!
Real biography:

Bursting onto the music scene with her uncompromising 2005 debut album Ringing in My Head, Orlando native Cori Yarckin has defined herself as an engagingly original artist. Her propulsive songcraft blends confessional lyrics with modern rock attitude and sharp pop melodies, offering a radio-ready sound that is often compared to a modern day Pat Benatar. On record, or through her breathtaking live show, Cori Yarckin soars with passion and intensity of a young artist set to leave her mark on music fans in need of a fresh voice.

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