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Real name: Constance Marie Lopez. Biography of Constance Marie & facts: InformationConstance Marie.


Constance Marie Lopez aka Constance biography

Constance Marie birth name:Constance Marie Lopez
Constance Marie birthday1969-09-09
Constance Marie home townEast Los Angeles, California.
Constance Marie assetsNice Ass great hips nice face sexy legs.
Constance Marie vices
Constance Marie height163 cm
Constance Marie jobActress, Fashion Designer.
Constance Marie hobbies
Constance Marie ethnicityLatino
Constance Marie breast size34
Constance Marie waist size27
Constance Marie hips size38
Constance Marie mottoLook at me. I’m brown. And I have brown hair and an ass. You are not going to think I am Swedish, no matter what my name is.
Real biography: Information

Constance Marie (born Constance Marie Lopez on September 9, 1969 in East Los Angeles, California) is an American actress of Mexican descent. She is best known for her role as Angie Lopez on the sitcom The George Lopez Show.

Life Story

Marie grew up in Los Angeles, California to a third-generation Mexican American family that moved from apartment to apartment but was raised by her mother and grandmother. While in her teens she had a passion for dancing that she carried out for years that by age 19 she was tapped to dance in a musical called "Cosmopolis" by famed composer Ryuichi Sakamoto in Japan. When she returned back to Los Angeles, her dancing career took a huge step when she was spotted in a club by a dance choreographer for pop icon David Bowie.

She's been in a relationship with yoga instructor Kent Katich since the mid-90s. She has volunteered as an actress with the Young Storytellers Program.

In October 2007 She launched her own clothing line called The Constance Marie Collection, a line that allows women to feel confident, stylish and comfortable in when wearing and is sold in women and petite sizes. The line is stated to be "affordable for women with real budgets and flattering to women with real bodies".

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