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Real name: Jacoba Fransisca Maria Smulders. Biography of Cobie Smulders & facts: Best known for her.


Jacoba Fransisca Maria Smulders aka Cobie biography

Cobie Smulders birth name:Jacoba Fransisca Maria Smulders
Cobie Smulders birthday1982-04-03
Cobie Smulders home townVancouver.
Cobie Smulders assetsModel-esque hotness.
Cobie Smulders vicesCanadian accent
Cobie Smulders height176 cm
Cobie Smulders jobActress.
Cobie Smulders hobbiesSpeaking, French.
Cobie Smulders ethnicityWhite
Cobie Smulders breast size30
Cobie Smulders waist size23
Cobie Smulders hips size33
Cobie Smulders mottoWhat's more awkward than doing a shower scene? Rehearsing a shower scene.
Real biography: Best known for her role on How I Met Your Mother as a Canadian journalist, Cobie Smulders makes America smolder.

Life Story

Cobie Smulders was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1982. As a youngster her dream was to be a marine biologist, but in high school she got a taste of acting and marine animals were soon forgetten. Before she finished high school, Smulders was discovered by a modelling agent and was soon modelling all around the world, from Milan to Japan. Meanwhile, the kids in the Marine Biology Club at her high school were jealous and saying things like, "She's changed." In 2000, Smulders graduated high school and was voted by her classmates "Most Respected." Most Hot, was not on the ballot.

In 2002 Smulders gave up the model lifestyle to pursue the Hollywood lifestyle. Smulders got her first role on the Sci-Fi Channel series Jeremiah in a one episode guest spot. Her first big role was on the ABC series Veritas: The Quest, but the show was cancelled after one season. After making guest spots on various TV shows, including Smallville and appearing in Walking Tall alongside The Rock, she landed her biggest role yet as Canadien journalist Robin Scherbatsky on CBS's How I Met Your Mother. The show has been around for almost three years thanks in large part to Smulders' smoldering performance.

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