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Real name: Claudia Schiffer. Biography of Claudia Schiffer & facts: She's graced the covers of over.


Claudia Schiffer aka Claudia biography

Claudia Schiffer birth name:Claudia Schiffer
Claudia Schiffer birthday1970-08-25
NicknameClaudia Schiffer-brains
Claudia Schiffer home townRheinberg, Germany.
Claudia Schiffer assetsOne of the all-time great racks of the fashion industry, Long legs, Overall hotness.
Claudia Schiffer vicesShe was married to David Copperfield
Claudia Schiffer height181 cm
Claudia Schiffer jobModel.
Claudia Schiffer hobbiesMaking, cameos, in, movies.
Claudia Schiffer ethnicityWhite
Claudia Schiffer breast size36
Claudia Schiffer waist size24
Claudia Schiffer hips size35
Claudia Schiffer motto
Real biography: She's graced the covers of over 500 magazines. She's done campaigns for Guess, Chanel, and L'Oreal. She was in Richie Rich. She's Claudia Schiffer.

Life Story

Schiffer was born to a housewife mother and lawyer father in 1970. Her school years were an awkward time as she was surrounded by girls who believed they were actually hotter than Schiffer. These days those same girls are, at best, soccer moms. Originally Schiffer aspired to be a lawyer, but in 1987 she was discovered by an agent while dancing at a nightclub. Schiffer would never have to get a real job.

After finishing up high school, Schiffer blew up. She was on her first magazine cover before she was 20 and attained true supermodel status after being selected to be the new face of Chanel. By the early 90's Schiffer was the hottest thing since Kathy Ireland and was the driving force behind Guess? jeans. Schiffer blazed a trail by being the first supermodel to make the cover of Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and People. Her career hit a new high when Pepsi signed her to a contract. She also did ads for Fanta in which she danced with an animated Mickey Mouse. Not since Paula Abdul's collaboration with MC Skat Kat has a real woman dancing with an animated character been so hot.

Schiffer made her big screed debut as Macauley Culkin's aerobics instructor in the classic Richie Rich. She's been in several other movies including Love Actually and Friends and Lovers. Sadly, Schiffer wasted some of her best years (1994-1999) married to magician David Copperfield, who used to regularly saw her in half during his stage shows. Fortunately, he also used to put her back together again afterwards too. In 2002 she tied the knot with a producer named Matthew Vaughn, who instead of buying her an engagement ring, bought her a tortoise. Recently, Schiffer filmed an ad for Dom Perignon which featured her doing what she does best: being hot.For a German girl used to going topless at the beach, Claudia is shy about exposing her famous breasts. During a fashion show, Claudia was photographed backstage while changing. The photographer was caught, was sued and lost. The photos made it onto the internet. It seems as though several years ago her breasts were dramatically reduced in size. Men all over the world had a moment of silence.

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