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Real name: Cindy Elizabeth Taylor. Biography of Cindy Taylor & facts: Introduction Cindy Taylor.


Cindy Elizabeth Taylor aka Cindy biography

Cindy Taylor birth name:Cindy Elizabeth Taylor
Cindy Taylor birthday1977-04-18
Cindy Taylor home townAsunción, Paraguay.
Cindy Taylor assetsAble to stand there and just look pretty.
Cindy Taylor vicesFrito breath.
Cindy Taylor height171 cm
Cindy Taylor jobModel, Extra.
Cindy Taylor hobbiesFlorida, stuff, (aligator, hunting).
Cindy Taylor ethnicity
Cindy Taylor breast size30
Cindy Taylor waist size23
Cindy Taylor hips size33
Cindy Taylor mottoFlorida is 4 Lovers!
Real biography: Introduction

Cindy Taylor spent just enough time growing up in the United States to benefit from decent healthcare and education, and just enough time in Paraguay to develop an undeniable South American sexyness. She now lives in the state with tons of other women who share her life story, known as Florida.

Life Story

Born in Paraguay and brought to the US shortly after, Taylor was not discovered until the age of 20, which is basically like being a broken, worthless senior citizen in the fashion world. Somehow she made good, and quickly booked jobs on some big campaigns including Guess Jeans, Parasuco, Rampage, and Frito Lays. She made the quick move to becoming a cover girl, landing the facades of Esquire Ocean Drive, Shape, Loft, and Men's Health.

She’s been able to make the move from modeling to acting. Ok, more like made the move to making cameos, which is basically the title given to a famous person when they work as an extra. In 2005, Taylor shot a cameo role in the Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams romantic comedy The Wedding Crashers. That same year, Cindy landed a supporting role in the independent feature film Descansos, opposite Gary Busey and Charles Durning. Descansos (Spanish for "resting places") is about a man who makes it his mission to tear down roadside memorials, including one a woman is preserving--one he would like to forget about completely. No word on why it has yet to get a release, except rumors that it is a horrible premise for a movie.

In 2007, Taylor will be an extra in the sequel to Bachelor Party

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