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Real name: Christina L. Santiago. Biography of Christina Santiago & facts: Christina Santiago was.


Christina L. Santiago aka Christina biography

Christina Santiago birth name:Christina L. Santiago
Christina Santiago birthday1981-10-15
NicknameSugar Tits
Christina Santiago home townChicago, Ill..
Christina Santiago assetsPunky.
Christina Santiago vicesKettle one and tonic with two limes
Christina Santiago height166 cm
Christina Santiago jobModel, Actress.
Christina Santiago hobbiesSky, Diving, White, water, rafting.
Christina Santiago ethnicity
Christina Santiago breast size34
Christina Santiago waist size24
Christina Santiago hips size33
Christina Santiago mottoI can make my eyebrows move one by one. Pretty mysterious, huh?
Real biography: Christina Santiago was born in Chicago, Ill. She is of Puerto Rican descent and can speak Spanish fluently. After being a contestant on the television series “Who wants to be a Playboy Playmate?” she was picked to be Playmate of the Month for August, 2002 then went on to capture the naked chick equivalent to the Nobel Prize, when she was awarded Playmate of the Year in 2003. The award was presented to her by the 2002 PMOY, Dalene Kurtis. In 2004 she presented the title to Carmella DeCesare.

Life Story

Following the foot steps of playmates like Jenny McCarthy and Pamela Anderson, Christina is trying her hand at acting. She has already landed the role of “Margarita Rodriguez” in A Tale of Two Sisters, a 15 minute short film released in Sweden. If you missed that one, you can check her out playing herself, usually without panties, in a number of Playboy videos.

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