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Real name: Chloë Stevens Sevigny. Biography of Chloe Sevigny & facts: Chloe Sevigny has been the.


Chloë Stevens Sevigny aka Chloe biography

Chloe Sevigny birth name:Chloë Stevens Sevigny
Chloe Sevigny birthday1974-11-18
Chloe Sevigny home townDarien, Connecticut.
Chloe Sevigny assetsAmazing sense of style, mysterious eyes, great body.
Chloe Sevigny vicesTends to have sex on-camera
Chloe Sevigny height173 cm
Chloe Sevigny jobActress.
Chloe Sevigny hobbiesFashion.
Chloe Sevigny ethnicity
Chloe Sevigny breast size36
Chloe Sevigny waist size24
Chloe Sevigny hips size34
Chloe Sevigny mottoI love women -- they're beautiful. What more can I say?
Real biography: Chloe Sevigny has been the “It” girl since the late 1990s for her brave acting choices and daring fashion sense. Oh yeah, she’s also really hot.

Life Story

Chloe was raised in a Catholic household in Connecticut but moved to New York City upon turning 18. Once there, she interned at the very influential magazine Sassy and babysat for Sonic Youth’s children. Chloe’s first role was in Kids (Rosario Dawson), which is a film so dark that many decided not to bring new life into the world after seeing it. Still, her sexy tomboy appearance made her very appealing to the more discriminating babe connoisseur. She was dating the film’s screenwriter Harmony Korine at the time and later starred in his directorial debut Gummo, which was so disturbing it made Kids look like The Notebook (Rachel McAdams). Since then, she’s been a mainstay in the independent film world. She got a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her role in Boys Don’t Cry (Hilary Swank). Her role in ex-boyfriend Vincent Gallo’s Brown Bunny required her to give an actual blow job on-camera. Anyone who has seen Vincent Gallo knows that this shows a dedication to their craft not seen since De Niro gained 60 pounds for Raging Bull (Cathy Moriarity). She also stars as one of the three wives in a Mormon family in Big Love (Jeanne Tripplehorn, Ginnifer Goodwin, Amanda Seyfried). We feel it ridiculous and sacrilegious to think that a girl like Chloe wouldn’t be enough for one man.

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