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Real name: Cheryl Ann Tweedy. Biography of Cheryl Tweedy & facts: IntroductionCheryl Tweedy is an.


Cheryl Ann Tweedy aka Cheryl biography

Cheryl Tweedy birth name:Cheryl Ann Tweedy
Cheryl Tweedy birthday1983-06-30
Cheryl Tweedy home townNewcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Cheryl Tweedy assetsAbsolutly beautiful.
Cheryl Tweedy vicesLikes the Spice Girls
Cheryl Tweedy height161 cm
Cheryl Tweedy jobSinger.
Cheryl Tweedy hobbiesWatching, Football, (soccer).
Cheryl Tweedy ethnicityWhite
Cheryl Tweedy breast size34
Cheryl Tweedy waist size23
Cheryl Tweedy hips size33
Cheryl Tweedy mottoI absolutely love my tattoos
Real biography: Introduction

Cheryl Tweedy is an English singer who rose to fame thanks to her all-female group Girls Aloud. Voted #18 in the AskMen.com's Top 99 Women 2008 Edition.

Life Story

Cheryl was working as a waitress when she entered the UK talent search show Popstars: The Rivals ( Like American Idol only more original). She was so popular among the crowd that she was the first to be picked for the group. She has co-written three hits for the group including; “Big Brother”, “History” and “Crazy Fool”. In 2003 Cheryl got in legal trouble when she was got in a catfight with a nightclub toilet attendant (seriously, where do those guys get off). Cheryl was accused of racially aggravated assault but the charge was later reduced to just assault. She received 120 hours of community service and had to promise to always tip toilet attendants in the future.Cheryl is good friends with Victoria Beckham, who introduced her to her husband, football (soccer) player Ashley Cole. (In Britain, Ashley is a boy’s name)

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