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Real name: Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg. Biography of Charlotte Gainsbourg & facts: Charlotte.


Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg aka Charlotte biography

Charlotte Gainsbourg birth name:Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg
Charlotte Gainsbourg birthday1971-07-21
Charlotte Gainsbourg home townParis, France.
Charlotte Gainsbourg assetsshe''s the mix of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin for crying out loud-she must have many assets.
Charlotte Gainsbourg vicesnot even close to her mother''s taste in clothes
Charlotte Gainsbourg height173 cm
Charlotte Gainsbourg jobActress, Singer.
Charlotte Gainsbourg hobbies
Charlotte Gainsbourg ethnicityWhite
Charlotte Gainsbourg breast size32
Charlotte Gainsbourg waist size24
Charlotte Gainsbourg hips size37
Charlotte Gainsbourg mottoI like to play roles different from myself so I can hide behind them.
Real biography:

Charlotte Gainsbourg is a woman of many colours: she is the daughter of French poet/singer/lounge lizard Serge Gainsbourg and British singer Jane Birkin, a singer herself and an actress of some repute.

Born in London and raised in France, Gainsbourg has built a reputation as an incredibile actress in both French and English language films. Notable ones include the adaptation of Ian McEwen's 'The Cement Garden,' 'Jane Eyre', '21 Grams', 'Lemming' 'The Science of Sleep' and 'Ma Femme est en Actrice'.

In 2007, Gainsbourg released her album '5:55' - a collaboration between the members of Air and Jarvis Cocker (of Pulp).

On September 5, 2007, Gainsbourg was rushed to a Paris hospital where she underwent surgery for a cerebral haemorrhage. She had been experiencing headaches since a minor water skiing accident in the United States several weeks prior.

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