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Real name: Charlie Yeung. Biography of Charlie Yeung & facts: Charlie Yeung was first cast to star.


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Charlie Yeung birth name:Charlie Yeung
Charlie Yeung birthday1974-05-23
Charlie Yeung home townHong Kong.
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Charlie Yeung height cm
Charlie Yeung jobActress.
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Charlie Yeung ethnicityAsian
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Real biography:

Charlie Yeung was first cast to star in a jewelry commercial with pop idol Aaron Kwok in 1993, and thus began her versatile career. Within a year, she appeared in various movies including acclaimed director Kar Wai Wong's Ashes of Time, and released her first album which won her The Most Promising Newcomer award.

In the following four years, while continuing to release albums both in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Charlie further developed her acting career by working with various directors, including Leung juk (1994) (aka Butterfly Lovers) by 'Tsui Hark', Ji sor (1997) (aka Intimates) by 'Chi Leung 'Jacob' Cheung', and once again worked with 'Wong Kar-Wai on the film Duo luo tian shi (1995) (aka Fallen Angels).

Charlie Yeung's achievement in fame and success in just a span of four years created a phenomenal following. However, just when she reached the peak of her career, Charlie decided to take a break to pursue her real interests---Image Consulting. While busy developing her business, she had never forgotten about acting, she provided her voice for both Hark Tsui's animation Xiao Qian (1997) and Disney's Tarzan (1999) (VG).

She is recently seen in Bangkok Dangerous, with Nicolas Cage.

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