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Real name: Chantal. Biography of Chantal Claret & facts: Chantal Claret is the front woman, lead.


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Chantal Claret birth name:Chantal
Chantal Claret birthday1982-02-21
Chantal Claret home townLA.
Chantal Claret assets
Chantal Claret vices
Chantal Claret height163 cm
Chantal Claret jobLead Singer.
Chantal Claret hobbiesVideo, Games, Swimming.
Chantal Claret ethnicity
Chantal Claret breast size36
Chantal Claret waist size28
Chantal Claret hips size38
Chantal Claret mottoChantal Claret
Real biography:

Chantal Claret is the front woman, lead singer and co-composer for a power pop and post punk revival band named Morningwood. She was born on a sunny Sunday afternoon on 2/21/1982 in Berkeley, California. She has also lived in Texas, but has spent most of her life in New York City. In summer 2007 she moved to California where she lives in a suburb of Los Angeles. She was married to James Euringer (lead singer, composer for the industrial/punk band, Mindless Self Indulgence) on January 18, 2008.

In 2002 Ms. Claret was featured in a short film by Kolton Lee called American Mod, in which she played Sandi, a tomboy trying to hide her cuteness behind a tuff persona. During 2007, but ending in December that year she was a magazine advice co-columnist for Alternative Press along with Riley Breckinridge, the drummer from Thrice. She also hosted a call-in advice show on East Village Radio along with her "Super Secret Sidekick", James Euringer in 2007.

Her current position in Morningwood allows her the freedom to write and perform the kind of music she herself enjoys. Songs she has co-written range from almost grunge punk all the way to slick power pop. Morningwood songs are well know as vehicles for her humor, introspection, double entendres and even blatant sexual themes. In live performances Ms. Claret is famous for inviting both male and female audience members on stage to be stripped during the performance of a song called "Take Off Your Clothes". Morningwood's hit theme tune, Nth Degree is performed with an aerobic theme in which most of the audience participates by following Ms. Claret's exercise antics. The three male members of the group take a decidedly laid back stance save for injecting occasional choruses while letting Ms. Claret grab the audience's full attention with her wild hair tossing and frantic gyrations to the faster tunes.

Ms. Claret was selected as "one of the 17 Hottest Women in Rock" by Blender Magazine in March 2006 and AOL's list of "20 Women Who Rock" in November 2006. The Morningwood theme song was selected for a number of Mercury car commercials and the demo song "Warrior" was used by Payless Shoes in the Summer of 2007

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