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Real name: Chandra West. Biography of Chandra West & facts: Chandra West (born December 31, 1970.


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Name: Chandra
Surname: West
Chandra West birth name: Chandra West
Chandra West birthday: 1970-12-31
Chandra West home town: Edmonton.
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Chandra West height: cm
Chandra West job: actress.
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Chandra West ethnicityWhite
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Chandra West mottoTo be in a movie with Val Kilmer and then get killed…(laughing).
Real biography:

Chandra West (born December 31, 1970) is a Canadian actress. She is one of few Canadian actresses to make the successful transition from television to film.

West appeared in three consecutive films; the first as the female-lead in Puppet Master 4 (1993), then a smaller role as Miss Germany in the action-flick No Contest (1994) also starring Robert Davi and Roddy Piper, and in the same year, reprising her role as Susie in Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter (1994) (though many consider this addition to be the weakest of all the Puppet Master series of films). The closing months of 1994 and most of 1995 saw West return to television with appearances in Madonna: Innocence Lost (1994), Catwalk (1994), Falling For You (1995) and the role of Mariel Hemingway in Love and Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story (1995).

Her major film breakthrough came when she starred as Val Kilmer's on-screen wife in the 2002 D. J. Caruso crime thriller, The Salton Sea. Following the moderate success of The Salton Sea, Chandra was exposed to a wider market. This role helped her grasp the role of Robin in The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest, which was panned critically and deemed a major disappointment despite an all-star cast, including Steve Buscemi, Rosario Dawson, Adam Garcia - as well a script penned by Jon Favreau.

The flop had little effect on Chandra's rise however, as she was soon learning the lines for her next role as Laura Chandler in the Emmy-nominated mini-series Mister Sterling (2003). Two years later, she was cast as the wife of Michael Keaton in the 2005 horror flick White Noise. She also played novice agent Holly Gribbs in the pilot of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2000. Chandra's most recent performances were in the unheralded film Canes (The Covenant), a B-movie which also starred Edward Furlong and Michael Madsen, and as Tina Blake in new HBO series John From Cincinnati. In 2007 she was seen as "Dr. Honey" in the movie I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry.

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