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Real name: Catt Sadler. Biography of Catt Sadler & facts: Catt Sadler is an American television.


Catt Sadler aka Catt biography

Catt Sadler birth name:Catt Sadler
Catt Sadler birthday1978-01-01
Catt Sadler home townInd.
Catt Sadler assetsperfect eyes, cute, petite.
Catt Sadler vices
Catt Sadler height166 cm
Catt Sadler jobTV Host.
Catt Sadler hobbiesPlaying, with, her, kids.
Catt Sadler ethnicity
Catt Sadler breast size34
Catt Sadler waist size24
Catt Sadler hips size34
Catt Sadler motto
Real biography: Catt Sadler is an American television host currently seen on "The Daily 10."

Catt began her career as a journalist after graduating from Indiana University. She got her start reporting the news in Indianapolis. After relocating to San Francisco, she began a four year stint as a segment host on a local news channel. Catt covered "The Bay Beat" as well as "Stargazing".

In 2003, Catt returned to Indiana as co-host on the Indiana Lottery's "Hoosier Millionaire" show and official emcee for the Indiana Pacers' 2003-2004 NBA season.

Catt is married to her college sweetheart and the couple has three children.

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