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Real name: Carmen Garcia. Biography of Carmen Garcia & facts: IntroductionCarmen Garcia has been.


Carmen Garcia aka Carmen biography

Carmen Garcia birth name:Carmen Garcia
Carmen Garcia birthday1973-12-17
Carmen Garcia home townMiami, FL.
Carmen Garcia assetsFluent in Spanish and English.
Carmen Garcia vices
Carmen Garcia height171 cm
Carmen Garcia jobFitness Model.
Carmen Garcia hobbiesSnowboarding, Boogie, Boarding.
Carmen Garcia ethnicity
Carmen Garcia breast size30
Carmen Garcia waist size26
Carmen Garcia hips size33
Carmen Garcia motto
Real biography: </div> Introduction

Carmen Garcia has been modeling in the fitness field for over ten years. She is considered, by herself, as one of the most popular fitness personalities.

Life Story

Garcia has been involved in health and fitness my whole life. In 1992 she moved to San Diego from Miami, Fl where she grew up. She attended school for art/photography, fashion design/marketing in San Diego. In 2000, Garcia moved to L.A. where she "coincidentally" became an International Fitness Model and appeared on TV, film, commercials and that caused her to decide to take fitness to another level and to help others by teaching them how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She became a certified personal trainer through the U.S.P.T.A., Sports and Science Association and currently the owns an L.A. based personal training business and promotes her own line of Fitbody Star tees and fitness products.

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