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Real name: Cariba Heine. Biography of Cariba Heine & facts: Cariba was born in South Africa on.


Cariba Heine aka Cariba biography

Cariba Heine birth name:Cariba Heine
Cariba Heine birthday1988-10-01
Cariba Heine home townSouth Africa.
Cariba Heine assetsBlond curly hair and blue eyes.
Cariba Heine vices
Cariba Heine height166 cm
Cariba Heine jobActress.
Cariba Heine hobbiesRhythmic, Gymnastics, Dance, Shopping, Listen, Music, To, go, out, with, friends.
Cariba Heine ethnicityWhite
Cariba Heine breast size
Cariba Heine waist size
Cariba Heine hips size
Cariba Heine motto
Real biography: Cariba was born in South Africa on October 1st, 1988 and moved to Australia in 1991. She has been performing since the tender age of 3yrs. Cariba's passion is acting and dancing, and wants nothing more than to continue in the industry for a long time.

Cariba's cedits include the short film Ballistic Sessions playing the lead role Amanda and was hired as the youngest dancer performing at the Stargazers Convention in Sydney. She has performed in many stage productions including a tour through the USA and was featured in the UK artist Will Young's Video Clip.

Cariba is an extremely dedicated and determined actress. For this role she hired a personal swimming coach to build up her strength in the water. Her hard work paid off when Cariba was recalled for the final audition which was filmed underwater.

When her agents broke the news, Cariba screamed. Especially when she was told she won the role of Rikki. This is the role she really wanted.

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