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Real name: Brooke Elizabeth White. Biography of Brooke White & facts: Brooke White is a season.


Brooke Elizabeth White aka Brooke biography

Brooke White birth name:Brooke Elizabeth White
Brooke White birthday1983-05-13
Brooke White home townMesa, Arizona.
Brooke White assets
Brooke White vicesMormonism
Brooke White height173 cm
Brooke White jobSinger.
Brooke White hobbiesSinging, Guitar, Piano.
Brooke White ethnicityWhite
Brooke White breast size30
Brooke White waist size25
Brooke White hips size34
Brooke White mottoShower with the people you love
Real biography:

Brooke White is a season seven finalist. The American Idol hopeful sang for the judges in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and received three votes to move on.

White has worked as a nanny to twin one-year-old girls and claims that she's never seen an "R" rated movie, doesn't drink and doesn't smoke. The 24-year old is married and lives in Van Nuys, California.

White is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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