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Real name: Rebecca Denise Young. Biography of Becky Young & facts: Becky started her career in the.


Rebecca Denise Young aka Becky biography

Becky Young birth name:Rebecca Denise Young
Becky Young birthday1979-08-10
Becky Young home townOrrington, ME.
Becky Young assets
Becky Young vices
Becky Young height166 cm
Becky Young jobCreator - The Girls Entertainment Network.
Becky Young hobbiesActing, singing, dancing, web, graphics.
Becky Young ethnicity
Becky Young breast size34
Becky Young waist size28
Becky Young hips size36
Becky Young mottoRebecca Denise
Real biography: Becky started her career in the video game industry working as Marketing Coordinator for Mythic Entertainment on the title Dark Age of Camelot. An avid gamer, Becky has been involved in the gaming community, in one capacity or another, for over 7 years. She is currently “The Video Game Nussie” on Maxim Radio’s Covino and Rich show (Sirius Satellite - channel 108), Reoccurring guest of “The Loop” on Attack of the Show (G4 TV), Co-host on The Next Level (www.gamemusicradio.com), consultant on numerous gaming titles and the Event Director of the world concert tour - Video Games Live.She is the creator and leading lady of the Girls Entertainment. Her goal is to create a community and hub for all girls to realize their dreams, make friends and grow as individuals.

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