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Real name: Azura Dawn Storozynski. Biography of Azura Skye & facts: Azura Skye is an American.


Azura Dawn Storozynski aka Azura biography

Azura Skye birth name:Azura Dawn Storozynski
Azura Skye birthday1981-11-08
Azura Skye home townLos Angeles, California.
Azura Skye assetsFrom a showbiz family.
Azura Skye vices
Azura Skye height166 cm
Azura Skye jobActress.
Azura Skye hobbies
Azura Skye ethnicity
Azura Skye breast size30
Azura Skye waist size23
Azura Skye hips size33
Azura Skye mottoI'm the most normal, boring person I know!
Real biography: Azura Skye is an American actress best known for her roles the TV series Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Azura is the most recent in the long line of hippie children making it big (her predecessors would be all of the Phoenix children (River and Joaquin notably), Picaboo Street, etc.). It’s good to see she’s laid down the patchouli and picked up a decent, hard-working job.

Azura was born in her grandmother’s home in Northridge, California. Her parents are amateur gemologists, and decided to name her after azurite, a mineral. Whether or not they were “under the influence” at the time is debatable, but seems likely. Azure is a color, often one used to describe the sky, and so she picked up the stage name "Azura Skye."

Her acting career got started at an early age, as Azura began stage acting at three and toured Europe with the Santa Monica Playhouse theatre group at the age of eleven. Her grandfather, Brad Johnson, was an actor best known for his role of Lofty Craig in the 50’s TV series Annie Oakley. Azura landed her first TV roles in Touched by an Angel and Chicago Hope before getting the role of Jane in Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane (1999). The show’s title was shortened the second season to Zoe, which served to foreshadow its demise shortly thereafter. In 2000, Azura landed her first major movie role in 28 Days, alongside Sandra Bullock and Viggo Mortensen. In 2002, Azura appeared on the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Azura has had a slew of television roles in 2007-2008, including appearances on American Dad, House, Bones, and show of all shows, the Ghost Whisperer. Hopefully Azura was able to act across from Jennifer Love Hewitt without incident. Some stars have been mesmerizing by JLH’s “attributes,” and report a case of double-vision causing them problems with their mental focus. (This usually affects male co-stars). Azura also had two films come out in 2007, and has one, One Missed Call, coming out in 2008. Hopefully, mom and dad are proud of their little “mineral,” whatever teepee they may be watching her from.

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