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Real name: Ayumi Shibata. Biography of Ayumi Shibata & facts: Ayumi Shibata is one of the more.


Ayumi Shibata aka Ayumi biography

Ayumi Shibata birth name:Ayumi Shibata
Ayumi Shibata birthday1984-02-22
Ayumi Shibata home townKanagawa, Japan.
Ayumi Shibata assetsBig eyes, smile.
Ayumi Shibata vices
Ayumi Shibata height158 cm
Ayumi Shibata jobSinger.
Ayumi Shibata hobbiesWatching, DVDs, reading, magazines, playing, with, dogs, shopping.
Ayumi Shibata ethnicityAsian
Ayumi Shibata breast size30
Ayumi Shibata waist size22
Ayumi Shibata hips size32
Ayumi Shibata mottoAkai Freesia.
Real biography:

Ayumi Shibata is one of the more foremost members of the Hello! Project. She is a member of their most stable group, Melon Kinenbi, and is the most popular of the four. Shiba's been everywhere - in other H!P groups, in commercials - she even got a whole drama series named after her.

Shibata joined H!P in 2000 as a member of Melon Kinenbi. She gets the most lines in their songs and is always at the forefront of their videos and pictures.

Because of her popularity, Shibata was shuffled into Tanpopo in 2002. They released one single and then went on "permanent hiatus" (aka, disbanded).

Shibata was also part of the selective shuffle group Elegies in 2005.

When she isn't appearing on TV or as a part of another random subgroup, Shibata is a member of the H!P futsal team, Gatas Brilhantes H.P.. She is an all-around utility player, as well as second-in-command.

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