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Real name: Ashlee Nicole Simpson. Biography of Ashlee Simpson & facts: IntroductionSinger.


Ashlee Nicole Simpson aka Ashlee biography

Ashlee Simpson birth name:Ashlee Nicole Simpson
Ashlee Simpson birthday1984-10-03
Ashlee Simpson home townWaco, TX.
Ashlee Simpson assetsSlender frame, buttcrack shows often.
Ashlee Simpson vicesRed Bull,Cursing
Ashlee Simpson height171 cm
Ashlee Simpson jobSinger, Songwriter, Actress.
Ashlee Simpson hobbiesDance.
Ashlee Simpson ethnicityWhite
Ashlee Simpson breast size34
Ashlee Simpson waist size25
Ashlee Simpson hips size36
Ashlee Simpson mottoMy idea of the perfect day is lying around watching football games with my family
Real biography: Introduction

Singer, songwriter, actress, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz emerged from the shadow of her sister to forge her own highly successful career. Lucky for us she was given a chance to shine, us being the world.

Life Story

Raised in Dallas, TX, she was singing and dancing by age 3. By eleven she became the youngest person ever accepted into the prestigious School of American Ballet in New York. Then when her sister Jessica Simpson scored a record deal the family moved to Los Angeles so they could become proper celebrities. Ashlee began acting and eventually landed the role of 'Cecilia Smith' on "7th Heaven", a show that by then was without the overpowering hotness of Jessica Biel. She grew closer to stardom with the debut of "The Ashlee Simpson Show", a reality show about, you guessed it, Ashlee Simpson. She released two albums, Autobiography (2004) and I am Me (2005) both of which debuted at number 1, but is perhaps best known for being caught lip syncing on "Saturday Night Live." After the incident she took the high road and blamed her band for “playing the wrong song.” Many cite this as the reason she was heavily booed while performing at the 2005 Orange Bowl in Miami, Fl. Others claim she was booed because she just stinks as a singer. Her big screen debut came in the film Undiscovered (Pell James, Shannyn Sossamon) which made a whopping 1 million dollars at the box office and earned her a Razzie nomination for Worst Supporting Actress. The award would go to Paris Hilton for House of Wax. In a dramatic turn of events, Ashlee got a nose job and emerged from the operation hotter than her sister. With her new found confidence as the hot one in the family she took to the London Stage playing 'Roxy Hart' in the musical Chicago. She has returned to the United States and is currently working on her third album. Numerous sources allege that she has undergone more cosmetic enhancements including monthly botox injections to make her eyes look bigger, but Simpson and her camp adamantly deny these claims. Ashlee married Pete Wentz on May 17th and is now 'Mrs Ashlee Simpson-Wentz'

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