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Real name: Arianny Celeste. Biography of Arianny Celeste & facts: IntroductionArianny Celeste has.


Arianny Celeste aka Arianny biography

Arianny Celeste birth name:Arianny Celeste
Arianny Celeste birthday1985-11-12
Arianny Celeste home townLas Vegas, NV.
Arianny Celeste assetsShe''s a Vegas girl, baby!.
Arianny Celeste vicesChocolate covered strawberries,french fries,bubble gum
Arianny Celeste height166 cm
Arianny Celeste jobModel, Ring Girl.
Arianny Celeste hobbiesSinging.
Arianny Celeste ethnicity
Arianny Celeste breast size34
Arianny Celeste waist size23
Arianny Celeste hips size33
Arianny Celeste mottoI'm big on trust and loyalty.
Real biography: Introduction

Arianny Celeste has the distinct honor of having won a recent game of FMK online. But then again, do the chicks really "win" at that game?

Life Story

Arianny Celeste was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 12, 1985. She got work as a model almost immediately. Seriously. She got a gig modeling for a car seat company at the age of four-months-old. Is it weird to say she was super hot even then? Consider us weird.She took time off from modeling to do normal things, like learn how to eat, potty train, start kindergarten and shop for training bras. She began modeling again at the age of thirteen and hasn't had a break since then. She works in print, commercials, at conventions and trade shows, pageants, runway, promotional stuff and is also an aspiring songstress. She recently began work with the UFC as a ring girl, where she trained for months before being able to properly hold a round card. She has said she loves the fights - so much in fact, that she dated fighter Josh Burkman. That lucky, lucky S.O.B.Arianny next plans on pursuing a singing career, although this is in direct opposition to her recent statement: "I don't like people who lie, cheat, steal, or betray. I'm big on trust and loyalty." Good luck with that, Hotness.

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