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Real name: Anne-Marie Johnson. Biography of Anne-Marie Johnson & facts: Johnson was born in Los.


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Anne-Marie Johnson birth name:Anne-Marie Johnson
Anne-Marie Johnson birthday1960-07-18
Anne-Marie Johnson home townLos Angeles, CA.
Anne-Marie Johnson assetsShe smart.
Anne-Marie Johnson vices
Anne-Marie Johnson height181 cm
Anne-Marie Johnson jobActress.
Anne-Marie Johnson hobbies
Anne-Marie Johnson ethnicityBlack
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Real biography: Johnson was born in Los Angeles, California. Her first role was as Aileen Lewis in on the 1984 NBC comedy series Double Trouble. After the 1985 syndicated series What's Happening Now!! (as Raj's wife Nadine Hudson Thomas), she became well-known for portraying Althea Tibbs on the NBC and CBS television series In the Heat of the Night from 1988-1993.

She joined the cast of the Fox Network sketch comedy series In Living Color in its last season (1993-1994); afterwards she portrayed Alycia Barnett in one season of the Fox series Melrose Place (1995-1996). She had a recurring role on the CBS television series JAG as Representative Bobbi Latham.

She has made guest appearances on other television series, from Solo One, Diff'rent Strokes, Hill Street Blues, Babylon 5, Living Single, That's So Raven, Girlfriends, and Rock Me Baby. She played Nadine Hudson Thomas in the 1980's sitcom What's Happening Now. Recent parts include playing fashion designer Donna Cabonna on That's So Raven.

She appeared on the game show Card Sharks, where her name was listed as "Anne Johnson". She later appeared on the game show Child's Play under her full name. Johnson was elected First National Vice President of the Screen Actors Guild in 2005 and has served on SAG's board of directors.

Johnson has been married to Martin Grey since 1996.

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