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Real name: Anne Celeste Heche. Biography of Anne Heche & facts: Anne Celeste Heche (born May 25.


Anne Celeste Heche aka Anne biography

Anne Heche birth name:Anne Celeste Heche
Anne Heche birthday1969-05-25
Anne Heche home townAurora, Ohio, USA.
Anne Heche assets
Anne Heche vicesNuttier than a pecan log.
Anne Heche height166 cm
Anne Heche jobActress.
Anne Heche hobbiesTouring, the, galaxy, with, God, and, Jesus, in, her, space, ship.
Anne Heche ethnicityWhite
Anne Heche breast size30
Anne Heche waist size24
Anne Heche hips size34
Anne Heche mottoIt's my job, to create a fantasy.
Real biography:

Anne Celeste Heche (born May 25, 1969) is an American actress, director and screenwriter, best known not for her theatrical talents but rather for being a complete fruit cake.

She let musician Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac have sex with her for a year in the early 1990s. Some speculate that she is the subject of Buckingham's barbed song "Come." Others speculate that he wrote "Down on Rodeo" (on the Under the Skin album) about her because he can be heard saying "Do you hear me, Annie?" at the end.

In 1994, Heche's sister, Susan Bergman, wrote a book about the family and their relationship with their father titled Anonymity. Heche and Bergman were reportedly estranged after the release of Bergman's book; Bergman died in January 2006.

Heche let Steve Martin have sex with her for two years. She is rumored to be the basis for Heather Graham's character in Bowfinger, although Martin denies it.

However, Heche's biggest claim to fame was having been Ellen DeGeneres' rug-muncher. The couple started dating in 1997 shortly after the famous "Puppy Episode" of DeGeneres' eponymous sitcom. At one point, the two said they would get a civil union if such became legal in Vermont. They also worked on film and TV projects together.

The couple split up in August 2000 after Heche started letting cameraman Coleman Laffoon have sex with her. The two met while Laffoon was filming a comedy special for DeGeneres.

A few days after the breakup, Heche was driving through central California when her car broke down about 40 miles west of Fresno. She walked about a mile dressed in a bra and shorts before knocking on the door of a rural house. She babbled incoherently to the occupants inside, asking if they were God and if anyone had seen her spaceship. The residents phoned authorities to report a "suspicious person."

Heche was picked up by local law enforcement, who reported, "She proceeded to tell me that she was God and was going to take everyone back to Heaven with her in some sort of spaceship." She was hospitalized at University Medical Center in Fresno, where she was treated for "medical issues." Her manager and another friend came to see Heche in the hospital; she asked them whether they were going to come to Heaven with her, but they told her they liked it on Earth and needed her to stay on Earth, too.

At this point, Heche just decided to stop being crazy and start being sane again. No therapy. No drugs. Just stopped with the crazy -- just like that.

The Fresno Bee newspaper reported on its Web site that Heche was under the influence of drugs, possibly Ecstasy. KABC-TV in Los Angeles quoted hospital officials as saying Heche was in an "altered mind state." A few days later, she arrived in Toronto, to start shooting the film John Q, looking dazed and tired.

Heche said her split with DeGeneres was not because of a change in her own sexual orientation. In an interview with The Advocate following the split, she said she does not give a label to her own sexual orientation. "I have been very clear to everybody that just because I'm getting married does not mean I call myself a straight."

A year after her split with DeGeneres, Heche made claims in television interviews and in her autobiography, Call Me Crazy, that she was mentally ill for the first 31 years of her life after being sexually abused by her father -- a closet homosexual who died of AIDS in 1983. Heche states that the memories of the abuse were repressed until she was 25. She supposedly regained the memories after engaging in a now-discredited therapy involves taking LSD.

She also claimed to have an alter ego that was the daughter of God and half-sibling of Jesus named "Celestia," who had contacts with extraterrestrial life forms. In her book, she explained that before her split with DeGeneres, she was contacted by God and told He would walk with her for seven days.

Heche and Coleman Laffoon were married in September 2001, three months after Laffoon knocked up Heche. Their son was born March 2, 2002.

On January 24, 2007, Heche's marriage hit the rocks when she started letting Men in Trees co-star James Tupper have sex with her. Heche lost custody of her son in June, 2007, and was ordered to make monthly child support payments of $15,000 a month ($180K per year).

Men In Trees was eventually canceled, and Heche claimed she could no longer make child support payments -- thus proving to anyone's satisfaction that she's incapable of handling money. Given her Men In Trees salary alone, she should have been able to invest for any lean times for the rest of her life.

Heche's divorce from Laffoon was final on June 7, 2008. Court papers have Heche paying out a one-time $275,000 lump sum to Laffoon and then $3,700 each month for child support.

Heche's insanity isn't entirely due to her father. Her mother has toured the nation as a Christian psychotherapist and speaker. She gives testimony of the impact on her life by her husband's death, by the sudden "death bed" revelation of his secret adulterous relationship, and by Anne's lesbian relationship. In her book The Truth Comes Out she describes how prayers and her own personal spiritual awakening coincided with Anne's change from a lesbian relationship, making Nancy believe that God intervened and switched her daughter's sexuality.

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