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Real name: Clara Lou Sheridan. Biography of Ann Sheridan & facts: In 1934 Paramount Studios ran a.


Clara Lou Sheridan aka Ann biography

Ann Sheridan birth name:Clara Lou Sheridan
Ann Sheridan birthday
NicknameThe Oomph Girl
Ann Sheridan home townDenton, Texas.
Ann Sheridan assetsOomph.
Ann Sheridan vicesSmoking
Ann Sheridan height166 cm
Ann Sheridan jobActress.
Ann Sheridan hobbies
Ann Sheridan ethnicity
Ann Sheridan breast size36
Ann Sheridan waist size25
Ann Sheridan hips size35
Ann Sheridan motto
Real biography:

In 1934 Paramount Studios ran a contest in conjunction with a movie they were producing, titled Search For Beauty. Several contestants were to be chosen from around the country and the winners were to be given a part in the movie. Ann's sister entered a picture of Ann into the contest, unbeknownst to Ann, and she was chosen as one of the winners. Unlike most of the other winners, Ann actually received a contract with Paramount and proceeded to appear in several movies, mostly in smaller roles.

Her film career seemed to be treading water at Paramount so she was able to leave for Warner Bros. studio. This was the break that her career needed. Ann quickly became a popular performer for Warner Bros. and her popularity continued to grow. Some of her popular movies are Angels With Dirty Faces and Torrid Zone with James Cagney, Kings Row with Ronald Reagan, and I Was a Male War Bride with Cary Grant.

As her movie career began to decline in the 1950s Ann began making numerous appearances on television, mostly on anthology series and game show. In the 1960s she earned a role on the soap opera Another World. This lead to Ann being offered her own series, Pistols 'n' Petticoats. Unfortunately, Ann passed away from cancer during the shows first season, one month shy of her 52nd birthday.

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