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Real name: Margaret Angela Gregory. Biography of Angie Gregory & facts: Angie is best known for.


Margaret Angela Gregory aka Angie biography

Angie Gregory birth name:Margaret Angela Gregory
Angie Gregory birthday1975-01-25
Angie Gregory home townDraffenville, KY.
Angie Gregory assets
Angie Gregory vicesTexas Hold ''Em Poker
Angie Gregory height168 cm
Angie Gregory jobActress, Filmmaker, Writer.
Angie Gregory hobbiesYoga, Writing, Blogging, Kickboxing.
Angie Gregory ethnicityWhite
Angie Gregory breast size34
Angie Gregory waist size28
Angie Gregory hips size34
Angie Gregory mottoI'm a natural redhead, an open bisexual, and an activist for equality.
Real biography:

Angie is best known for taking on independent films. She is adamently against Hollywood's mainstream scene.

She owns New Plan Productions, an independent film company that has made three short films, starting in early 2007. She wrote and directed all three and starred in the first film, Gone Like Solomon.

Angie Gregory began acting, writing, and directing as early as elementary school. She was born in Paducah, Kentucky, USA, but grew up in nearby Draffenville, KY.

Angie attended Murray State University from 1999-2003 and majored in theatre with a minor in electronic media.

Angie moved to Los Angeles in 2004, where she currently resides. She has a life partner (since 1994), actress Lori Jean Wilson. They have one son, Jacob Wilson.

Angie identifies as bisexual and is an activist for equality.

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