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Real name: Andrea Jane Corr. Biography of Andrea Corr & facts: IntroductionAndrea Corr is the lead.


Andrea Jane Corr aka Andrea biography

Andrea Corr birth name:Andrea Jane Corr
Andrea Corr birthday1974-05-17
Andrea Corr home townDublin, Ireland.
Andrea Corr assetsPlays violin, piano, and tin whistle.
Andrea Corr vicesSucking her thumb
Andrea Corr height155 cm
Andrea Corr jobSinger, actress.
Andrea Corr hobbiesWriting, songs, in, the, bathtub.
Andrea Corr ethnicityWhite
Andrea Corr breast size30
Andrea Corr waist size23
Andrea Corr hips size33
Andrea Corr mottoI remember when I first sang, 'make love to me through the night', I was turning my face away, knowing my mother was going to say 'My God, where did you learn that?!' and then I'd say, 'From TV, Mammy!'
Real biography: Introduction

Andrea Corr is the lead singer of Irish pop-rock band, The Corrs, and an actress. She appeared on FHM’s “Sexiest 100 Girls” of 2001 and 2002, UK editions. Andrea and her siblings were awarded MBE (Most Excellent Order) by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of their music and their charitable work for the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, for the victims of the Omagh Bombing, and for other charities. Apparently being talented and compassionate is rewarded in the UK.

Born in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland, Andrea is the youngest daughter of musician parents Jean and Gerry Corr. Andrea has three older siblings who are also her bandmates in The Corrs: Caroline, Sharon, and Jim. Being legitimately talented and good-looking, The Corrs were able to avoid being an Irish version of something like the Partridge Family.

The Corrs musical career began in 1990, and has received praise from U2 and the Rolling Stones. Andrea likes to show fans the Corrs’ ties to rural life by playing all concerts in bare feet, and piping along with songs on her tin whistle. Fortunately, all three Corr sisters are sizzling hot, which helps them avoid their performance style making them look like a bunch of backwoods hillbillies from Deliverance. Andrea got her first substantial acting break when she appeared in Evita with Antonio Banderas and Madonna, playing Juan Peron’s mistress.

The rest of The Corrs took a musical sabbatical in 2006, but Andrea continued on. She wrote and recorded her solo album, Ten Feet High, which was released in 2007. Andrea looks forward to a Corrs reunion, and will continue to write songs in her bathtub until that materializes (an image so delightful, men around the world will continue to pray to God that they film a “making of the album DVD” for their next project).

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