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Real name: Anahi Gonzales Daly. Biography of Anahi Gonzales & facts: When it comes to having latina.


Anahi Gonzales Daly aka Anahi biography

Anahi Gonzales birth name:Anahi Gonzales Daly
Anahi Gonzales birthday1978-08-15
Anahi Gonzales home townPeru.
Anahi Gonzales assetsPeruvian beauty.
Anahi Gonzales vicesWine
Anahi Gonzales height171 cm
Anahi Gonzales jobModel.
Anahi Gonzales hobbiesBeading.
Anahi Gonzales ethnicityLatino
Anahi Gonzales breast size34
Anahi Gonzales waist size23
Anahi Gonzales hips size35
Anahi Gonzales mottoIf I could, I would live on the beach my whole life.
Real biography:

When it comes to having latina-good looks, no one does it quite like Peruvian sex symbol, Ahahi Gonzalaes. Though she has yet to breakthrough to American audiences, she is already a regularly seen site in Peru's magazines and advertisements. Her career is just getting warmed up, but there's no doubt she will soon be a worldwide success thanks to her stunning good looks and her ability to fill out a bikini.

Born in Peru, Gonzales was first discovered by a talent agent in Mexico. A few test shoots and auditions later, and Gonzales was on her way to become the new face of Peru with her lightly-toasted skin and eyes that stab a dagger in your heart.

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