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Real name: Ana Cristina Alvarez. Biography of Ana Cristina & facts: Born in the tropical.


Ana Cristina Alvarez aka Ana biography

Ana Cristina birth name:Ana Cristina Alvarez
Ana Cristina birthday1985-06-02
Ana Cristina home townMiami, Florida.
Ana Cristina assetssinger, dancer, actress, plays piano and guitar, bilingual.
Ana Cristina vices
Ana Cristina height171 cm
Ana Cristina jobSinger.
Ana Cristina hobbiessongwriting, singing.
Ana Cristina ethnicityLatino
Ana Cristina breast size
Ana Cristina waist size
Ana Cristina hips size
Ana Cristina mottoAna Cristina
Real biography: Born in the tropical cosmopolitan city of Miami, Florida on June 2, 1985, Ana Cristina represents the American and Hispanic bicultural influences where she grew up.

Since a very early age, the Cuban-American singer’s prodigious 5 octave vocal range has opened the doors for her to sing in hundreds of television shows and events. By the time she was 6 years old to the time she was 13, Ana Cristina was asked to appear frequently on shows like Sabado Gigante and The Cristina Show. At the age of 15, Ana Cristina’s big voice and talent caught the attention of executives at Sony International’s Sony Discos label who signed her on the spot, to which she then completed her first Spanish Language self-titled debut “Ana Cristina.”

She worked with Latin music’s biggest producers like, Rudy Perez(Christina Aguilera, Michael Bolton) Emilio Estefan (Gloria Estefan, Shakira), Kike Santander ( Christian Castro, Jennifer Lopez), Estefano ( Paulina Rubio,Thalia) , Manny Benito (Chayanne, Olga Tanon)….and more. Her first single, the ballad, “A Un Paso De Mi Amor”, drew attention not only from fans all over, but from the critics alike, who non-arguably agree that Ana Cristina has one of the most gifted voices and talents that the Latin music industry has ever seen. She later sang theme songs for the Telemundo soap opera “Vale Todo” and Televisa and Univision’s soap opera “Vivan los Ninos”, to which she recorded the theme songs and landed in the soundtrack. Ana Cristina’s version of Schubert’s classic “Ave Maria”, produced by Bebu Silvetti, was part of Sony’s Christmas compilation CD which included Jon Secada, Celia Cruz, and others called “Nuestra Navidad.”

Her unique and ample voice was especially recognized nationally in the U.S. when the she was chosen out of a star-studded list of some of the most respected performers in the nation to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” for the presidential inauguration on January 20, 2005. It was a grand honor for Ana Cristina to be a part of such a historical event. She sang an incredibly powerful and crystalline rendition of the country’s anthem before president George W. Bush and thousands of international dignitaries that led to a dramatic standing ovation and garnered media attention worldwide.

In 2006, Ana Cristina was chosen by the Univision Network to sing the promotional theme song for Univision Sports’ 2006 World Cup Germany entitled, “You Can Change the World.”

On October 6, 2006, Ana Cristina was invited to sing in the White House for a private show produced by Emilio Estefan and the organizers at the White House. Also present, besides the President of the United States, was the crowned prince of Spain, Felipe, and other ambassadors to various nations. Ana Cristina was introduced by the President himself before her performance and was set to perform two songs, until the President requested an encore that led to a total of 3 songs.

Ana Cristina’s creative and artistic growth has been completed with her skillfully combined development to compose her own songs with the guitar and piano. The outcome of her ability to manipulate words and improvisational melodies so easily has resulted in her capability to churn out well-crafted dynamic songs that go hand in hand with her commanding stage presence. Whether it is through the mediums of live performance or in her writing, Ana Cristina is constantly innovating ideas that have evolved into an original musical style that only she can call her own.

Her green-eyed gaze seems to exhibit an intense sense of purpose and worldly inspiration for such a young lady. Ana Cristina has always felt that she was predestined to communicate with people through her beloved art form. Her zealous dedication to her music is sharply evident and one of the many distinct qualities that make her a natural born star. Remember the name, because you’ll never forget the voice…

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